A little bit of history of one of the most iconic brand snack treats Twistees hence Tastees.

Twistees first production was back in 1975 by Mr. Ray Calleja and ever since it has become part of the Maltese culture for its uniqueness. Twistees was one of the first snacks to be baked and not fried and with no artificial ingredients or colourings. This made Twistees as well highly recommended by nutritionists in Malta.

In 2007 after a high demand, Mr. Steve Calleja son of Mr. Ray Calleja who took over the factory and business started to export Twistees under the brand name of Tastees to Canada, United States, Germany, Australia, Finland and Libya.

Last year Mr. Steve Calleja invested again in the Manufacturing Factory to be able to offer Tastees for the increase in demand in our Export Department as we also offer private labelling.

Tastees is a rice based snack that is the pioneer in baked snacks, cheese coated to provide a tasty mouth feel, having a pleasant crunchy feature and leaving a clean, non clogging sensation.

Tastee is manufactured on a fully automated state of the art production line in a “Grade A” listed factory.

Tastees Ingredient statements are: Best quality rice, edible vegetable oil, natural cheese powder, whey powder, salt, paprika. It contains milk products as produced on a line handling nuts.

The typical physical characteristics of Tastees snacks have a colour of light yellow hue with a light crunchy texture. The flavour is one of a zesty processed cheddar cheese.

Nutrition Information

Discover Twistees/Tastees Other Range:

Tastees Cheese Lite
Tastees Cheese Lite
Tastees Bacon
Tastees Bacon
Tastees BBQ
Tastees BBQ

Tastees Cheese, Lite and Bacon are also Gluten Free certified. All Tastees snacks have a shelf life of up to 10 months from the date of manufacture provided.

Tastees Packaging and Coding : All Tastees snacks are available in 48x50g packets with information in English, German, Italian, French and Arabic. Own Label packs could also be offered incorporating other flavour. Tastees coding and case printing is also available within the factory facilities for sell by date and product code printing.

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